Willard (Bill) Paul

I currently have two blogs. The first, “Featured Photography,” is my Tumblr.com blog featuring selected photos taken by me over a span of greater than 50 years.


 The second blog is, “The Theologue.” This blog presents my views on various subjects related to the Bible, Christianity, false religious beliefs, and pertinent social issues. I am a conservative Baptist with strong overtones of Presbyterianism. If you care to read this blog be prepared to be occasionally scandalized, upset, and shocked, and even challenged. I do not apologize for my strong views or statements unless, of course, I am convinced of my error. My desire is to stimulate my readers to give some serious thought to what is presented. Let me know your thoughts on these things.


 The latter blog has been dormant for some time due to extenuating circumstances (like long-term illnesses and subsequent deaths of two loved-ones and other disturbances). It is my hope now to get it going again. You can find it at http://thetheologue.willardpaul.com/


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