Willard (Bill) Paul

“The New is in the Old concealed; the Old is in the New revealed.” That statement refers to the fact that there are many events, people, and prophecies in the Old Testament which are more or less obscure but which foreshadow people, events, and prophetic fulfillments in the New Testament and which are made clear therein.


So it is with Jesus Christ. Every book of the Bible points to Jesus Christ, some more clearly than others. The chart presented here shows one way each book in the Old Testament points to Jesus Christ. Some books have many illustrations of what was, when the books were written, the coming Savior. This presentation then, by necessity, does not do justice to the topic nor to our Lord. It is merely a starting point for study and meditation. As you read the Bible, look for Christ in all the Scriptures because they speak of him.


One other thing ... this chart is not original with me. I got it many years ago when in school. I have made a few changes to it, although I no longer remember the details.


If you would like a .pdf copy you may download it here.



Chart with selected references to Jesus Christ in the Old Testament.


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