Willard (Bill) Paul

My story doesn’t start with me. It started thousands of years ago — with my ancestors — although the farthest back I have gone is the late 1500's. I have been dabbling in genealogy for a number of years but have only begun serious research into my ancestry in the last year or so. In doing so I have uncovered some interesting stories. So far, few ancestors have given me cause for shame, although further digging into my past may unearth some dark secrets that I will be profoundly ashamed of. Nonetheless, I shall keep digging.


Of my direct ancestors, I only remember my parents, some of my grandparents, and one of my great grandparents, although most were alive when I was born. I also remember some of my aunts and uncles and grand aunts and grand uncles.


Who they were has a direct bearing on who I am today. There stories helped shape my story. It is those stories that I will be sharing in this section.



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