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I Want a Principle Within

I love the old hymns. Maybe that’s because I am a septuagenarian, but I like to think it is because hymns have so much more to offer than the typical fare we hear on Sunday morning. But that’s fodder for … Continue reading

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THE SHACK — a Critique

This article was first published on October 25, 2009 by me on another blog and is presented here substantially the same as then. I thought, ten years ago, that this book would pass silently and without notice into that ether … Continue reading

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Your Life Isn’t That Good

Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words. This graphic is ubiquitous on social media. I have seen it — or others like it — many times on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Instagram, as well as other … Continue reading

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“Church Growth” an unbiblical goal

Church Growth” is an unbiblical goal. I am not saying that church growth is unbiblical, for it is indeed biblical, nor am I saying we shouldn’t work to grow our churches, for we should. I am saying that establishing church … Continue reading

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A Narrative of a Surprising Conversion — Jim Howlett

First encounter I first met Jim early in 1988 when I was assigned to the same engineering section he was in. Our work area consisted of a number of desks scattered in a more-or-less random order in a large open … Continue reading

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